Saturday, 31 July 2010

MAC haul and a rare night out!

I've been watching faaar too many hauls recently and have had a MAC wishlist for so long! Nothing very exciting but i've been meaning to make an effort with my MAC eyeshadow collection so that I can start the de-potting process, so finally.. with the intention of 'kit replenishment for bridal work' (not that I need any excuses) I was so excited, I know, not at all cool, but with another make-up fan at my side we were on a mission..
first call starbucks for a caramel machiatto with whipped cream...OH SO BAD! but so yummy!
I'm sorry the pics are no way in order, I'm yet to get to grips with uploading loads of pics!

Okay, so back to is me, with the make-up on, for my yummy mummy night out (lol..I know, but you have to love the term)

Kristen Stewart inspired make-up, messy, muddy smokey make-up.. been a little too obsessed with twilight since my 'twilight week' of all 3 books and films in a week.

Messy is actually a much harder look to achieve than i thought!

so back to the haul (sorry for the confusion!) here are the beautiful shadows..i know, not all that exciting, you've probably all had them for ages, but i've been too busy marvelling at other products till recently.. this...tanya of pixi2woo has raved about this combined with vanilla pigment and i'm afraid i'm I can't help myself if someone says it's so good. Gorgeous strong rosey pink, leaving a glowy, pretty cheek!

swatch of eyeshadows


two arguably boring pigments but I LOVE them, so versatile, for eyes, cheekbones, brow bon, mixed with moisturiser for a gorgeous skin sheen! yummy!

another pixi2woo favourite, I have hush and a few other highlighters but this one always looks so beautiful on her tutorials.

The lot of them..ooh I had lots of fun with these! xx

Saturday, 17 July 2010

just a little hobby...a tiny one

My little (ahem ) collection ..will post my new and old favourites in another post x
I don't think I collect things anymore.. I am after all nearly 32! (I keep thinking in my head I already am 32, which is odd, you would have thought I'd try hang on to 31 till November!)

Back to the point, sorry this is quite rambly, I've been up since 4am to do my first ever next sale with two of my also crazy friends, one who is literally 9 months pregnant!!

(I will get to the point in a min, I promise...) I'm not sure if it was the rug I purchased but it's sent my husband, John, into summer clean overdrive and he's literally sorted out everything today. I figured I'd join in, why not, I'd only been up since 4am at said next sale and had then made -up 3 bridesmaids and a beautiful bride, why would I be tired? ..YAWN! POINT JO!!...

Okay, well, I thought I'd re-organise my nail polish 'collection' as to be honest it was in a pink really useful box which was no longer really useful as I couldn't fasten the lid anymore.

I was quite proud of myself putting all the same bottles together, looked quite pretty really. Shame I have another 2 bags full which have to just stay in the bottom of the case..


but they are so pretty..

and make me feel nice..

and don't really cost that much (elf £1-50) ;)

and make up for my lack of style these days

not sure if it is just me but a new nail colour CAN, make all the difference! x x

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Make-up Milestones (just a quickie!) ;)

Just a vaguely random one.. i literally have thousands of photo's, I take them ALL the time, anyone would think I either walk around with a make-up brush in my hand OR a camera....
This basically means I have a full and detailed photographic record of pretty much every possibly situation happening in my life, which may have something to do with why I have quite a photographic memory (figures huh??!) Aaanyway, here are just a few pics which make me smile when I think of how life has changed for me such a lot since this time last year. ( I was then a bank manager..i know... weird!)

Here's my first ever photo shoot working with Annia Harrup was very very cold but thanks to my lovely friend Kate, we got through it and I have to say, although I was a little slow.. the end results were amazing!

Post Sam and Nicola Chapman/PIXIWOO/FASHIONFACE tv course work! Soaping out brows is down to you Sam, thank you!!

Pre- FASHIONFACE course, I love this one, okay, it's certainly no way perfect make-up.. but it kept me thinking I was doing the right thing booking on the course!

Aww.. I look so young..and with MUCH less make-up on! (yeah, I did it myself..) haha! My lovely wedding day to my lovely man john x aww x little mash in the background with grandpa!

totally forgot about this pic! Will never ever forget the wonderful time I had back in Feb 2010 with the lovely ladies on the course! Change life moment..! xx xx xx

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

new hair..quite like old hair..

Result from new hair colour decision.. last photo is of the rather bright what i call 'root view' colour I had before.. x I'm getting used to new colour, feels quite like a dirty blond to me but next week will be the decider..1st week = wait to see reactions, settling in session for hair. 2nd week= already knew if I liked it or not from first day but now have to decide to keep it or not! Surely it's gotta beat 3 weekly appointments for root growth!!

new messy weekday hair!

straight and different cool toned make-up test! feel look a bit ill! :(

warmer tanned face with 'girl about town' lip.. favourite.. shame the mane has not looked the same since first try of waving!


blond...oh dear.. I always know which i prefer but just can't keep up with it... !

new hair..quite like old heair.

matchy matchy!!

I am officially weird when it comes to clothes and things being matchy. Now, I'm not that obsessed or even have the time to try to match my clothes well, however, I can't stand having a multi coloured wardrobe.
Not sure if it's from the days when I used to be able to go and buy a new outfit for every night out (pre mashbobo) and had far too many things than I really needed, but I just can't stand trying to put things together! wardrobe colour palette mostly consists of black, white, cream, beige, taupe, peach, nude.. you get my drift. Makes life a lot I don't make any of the fatal make-up mistakes of old where I match my make-up to my clothes (back in the days when turquoise was loaded onto my eyes to match my top!!) NICE!
Seems I may have made a little fashion Fax-pas around the same time I ordered my gorgeous new nail colours..I went on to have a little browse at the top shop sale, got really rather excited about a few things and ordered's the result! I think I can live with it though.. LOVE THEM!!

Here's said nail colours..with said same colour clothes! oops! x

I know, may look like bandage legs but I still like them..

cute buttons..

silver bracelet..

pale peachy/pink/nude canvas bag! xx

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

a little E.L.F has been...

Sometimes the little things are just the best and when my postman finally delivered my little elf parcel (usually next day delivery but had been inundated with orders over the weekend!) I was rather excited this morning! Had ordered quite a few new things from their summer launch and they certainly didn't disappoint!

Firstly, I know, these nail varnishes look kinda the same, but i LOVE them all the same. All of them beautiful muted tones of browny (greige) i think the name is, lilac, a very pale neutral pink and a pale grey! Perfect to go with my usual wardrobe of the same! Sounds boring but makes life a lot easier on the getting ready in the morning front with 2 boys under 4!

from left to right- smoky brown, innocent, lilac and desert haze! Innocent!
I've only tried this one so far but application was easy (unlike some of my Chanel and Essie polishes) and this look was achieved after just 2 sheer coats.

Then there's the luscious Liquid Lipsticks in strawberry and raspberry.. strangely minty and tingly but fab colours, easy application with a rather attractive clear twist pump action and spongy applicator!



Then there's the All over colour sticks, I'm assuming they're a little (much less expensive version) of the NARS multiples and to be honest they are really rather nice. Yet to try them out on my face but the swatches were lovely colours.

Golden peach on the left- Spotlight on the right

I think golden peach will be a hit, however spotlight is a little too chalky and white I'm thinking to be a highlight, but I'll not pass judgement until I've tried them all out properly! Can't wait to try the other nail colours though for £1-50.. two easily applied coats.. who could complain!

Why not take a look?

Have you ordered anything from e.l.f 's new launch? Do you have a favourite e.l.f product? xx

Friday, 9 July 2010

once upon a hair-do...

I have these strange sudden urges to change my hair occasionally, never really too sure why as I seem perfectly happy with it for a while but then once every few months or so I fancy a change.

Now my hairdresser Anna will kill me for fancying a change again today because I can imagine I've done this before a million times and then gone back to blond!! All the same, it may be time for a change, my root situation is not sitting well with the fact I have 2 little ones to look after and don't have loads of time to mess with my hair.

here's 'just a few pics of my hair over the years'-


xmas 09

a few months ago

summer 09

xmas 08

sometime in 2004!!

There have been many more than these to be honest...ah well..'Elle MacPherson hair' is the request of the day!!

Do you like changing your hair colour?? x

Saturday, 3 July 2010

on a lipstick mission...

okay, okay.. i don't officially need another lipstick, or anything else for that matter.. these were purely just to cheer me up and get me through my week of 'fear of dentists' To be fair, I'm not all that sure how long this 'things to cheer me up' will be able to go on for, but for now..I'm rolling with it. At least while my smile is being fixed I have some lovely new colours to wear in the meantime!

Here's a few new MAC lipsticks which have been talked about by the lovely Tanya of 'pixi2woo' om you tube. I loved them as soon as I applied them..creamy, moisturising, amazing colours and also.. feel like they will last well! Whoo..

So here's some pics.. this one is of me and Logan trying out 'girl about town' thinking he wears it better than me!! note- I didn't apply it on him.. he just kissed me!

from left to right, girl about town, lady gaga, costa chic

Here's the fun pics..sorry about the pouting..just for a change! -girl about town

costa chic

lady gaga

Sure these will keep me smiling for a few more weeks! x

Thursday, 1 July 2010

No 17 mirror shine lipsticks

I thought I'd give them a go.. thanks to Laura of lollipop 26

and yummy mummy beauty blog



from the top, frutini, peace and bee hive

left to right, frutini, peace, beehive

If you've tried them..let me know what you think xx