Friday, 31 December 2010

Palette of the year 2010 Bee*luscious Garden Girl Palette

I absolutely LOVE this palette!
It was a birthday present to myself ( I know, a little sad..but brought a lot of happiness!)
I ordered it from the fab site coco beau and was so very excited when it arrived all wrapped up in their beautiful tissue paper packaging, and used it straight away on a client!

Here are some pics from the site-

 and here's what they say about it_

The Garden Girl Palette is the first exclusive to Coco Beau eyeshadow, blush and lips collection from Bee Luscious Cosmetics. Inside this pro-style palette you will find shades and textures with performance to match. Beautifully pigmented, easily blend able, great-wearing, gorgeous shades of simply fantastic cosmetics.

This collection has variety in shades, textures and effects from mattes to satin, shimmery metallics and pearlescents to multi-dimensional reflects, which draw on the colours of a garden in full bloom. The collection encompasses pretty and fresh brights, delicate pastels and rich deep shades, all with amazing versatility. In the palette you will find sixteen full size eye shadows, four full size blushes and two large lipstick pans. Yes really! All in one fabulous palette.

Benefits & Tips

Fabulous range of shades and textures

Easy to blend and long-wearing

Colours for your lips, eyes and cheeks together in one palette

This is my own personal one ! YAY!
Personally I'm quite a neutral kind of gal..but this made me feel so summery and lovely even though it's clearly not summery at all at the moment..

and do you know's inspired me to try alsorts of new colours again..remember the don't wear blue eyeshadow with blue eyes rule (Pat Butcher eyes here we come) This was certainly not the case with these beautiful eye shadows in the most gorgeous textures!

This retails at £67.50 although this may seem pricey, just think of the amount of products in there, for a start each MAC e/s pan would be £9 each and there's 16 of them in here! That's already £144 plus you get 4 beautiful blushers and 2 lipsticks!

If you like makeup and fancy being a little more adventurous with colour, I would certainly go onto the coco beau site and check these out!

xoxo Jo x

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Christmas and new year inspired makeup looks x

This post is more for the pics really..Just before Christmas I did a few looks just to test out a few new palettes and have a play! Hope you like xx

 Blue sparkles using my gorgeous new beeluscious garden girl palette!! <3 <3 xx

 Gold and berries xx
 Classic elegance with cool red lips x

Hope you enjoyed the pics! Another post coming soon about my lovely garden girl palette!
xoxo Jo x

Monday, 27 December 2010

Inspirations of 2010

Okay, so I've done a products of I wanted to do a kind of who has inspired me blog!

2010 has definitely been a year of learning and luckily for me, I have had lots of people to learn from and be inspired by!

So this will not be a long post full of pictures, but a few links to the wonderful people I have either had the pleasure of meeting and learning from or have gratefully found this year! I appreciate their efforts so much and since trying my hand at youtube and blogging along with working, I know how time consuming it can be and just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU!! xx

Here goes-

First and foremost, pixiwoo, aka Sam and Nicky Chapman it goes without saying that without you two, this year would not have been possible, you are beautiful, kind and inspirational ladies! Thanks loads xx
 If you have a spare min, take a look, I can promise you, if you like makeup, hair or just nice people, you will find something here you like!

Another wonderful Makeup artist- watch her site, you will see what I mean

Carly of Glitterdollz7, I watched her tutorials over and over in the summer, she can create anything from a pin up look, trends to the craziest and most amazing art work i've seen! Take a look xx

Ashley of Hollywoodnoir, i love her accent, and the ideas and passion behind her looks! Just as beautiful as she is!

Next are a few of the lovely ladies I met or have either attended the fashionface course, I love keeping up with them on here and find they keep me going too!

Another favourite, is Tanya, who is Sam and Nicolas kind of sister in law and she is such a delight to watch and learn and see...

a new addition would be Siobhan on Letzmakeup, can:t stop watching!

Hope you like this post and find something in it which you find interesting! I have loved all of these this year!

Thanks ladies!

Jo xoxo

Favourite products of 2010

Favourite Products of the year 2010!

Well, 2010 is nearly over and what a year it has been! It started off with a cold..and looks like it is ending with another! ah well..we still have wonderful makeup and beauty products to keep us cheerful! :)

For me, 2010 has been a huge roller coaster which started in Feb when I attended the course with the lovely Sam and Nicky Chapman, it was an adventure in itself leaving my husband and children at home for the week and setting off on a trip which I knew would change things forever! I met some wonderful ladies who I'm still very lucky to keep in touch with and who inspire me everyday!

I am now lucky enough to have a career in a something which I love and do you know what, as much as it is frivolous, girly and at times a little self indulgent, being a makeup Artist and a mummy makes me feel alive and I love helping other people to find their confidence and enjoy how they look!

So thanks to you all for a wonderful makeup and beauty year, here are my favourite products of 2010! 

Let's start with the amazing Embryolisse moisturiser.its creamy without being greasy, protective and suitable for most skin types..A must for my kit and for me when my skin needs some TLC!

UNE 100% mineral foundation, not something I had tried until I stumbled upon but for those who don't like a full coverage of foundation but like to have clear looking skin, this is just gorgeous! Velvety on the skin and is build able!

 MAC cream colour base in pearl.....just the perfect highlighter! it's not too silvery, or peachy just creates a beautiful glow for summer of winter skin!

Laura Mercier products, I cannot speak more highly of her luminous silk creme foundation, it covers well, but is still light enough and luminous so feels like applying anew layer of clean fresh skin! Fab for older skin types who need a little bit more evening out of skin tone but without the heavy coverage look. Sets well on it:s own and is long lasting! I need more of these in my kit in 2011! Other two favourites from Laura are the translucent powder which provides a beautiful velvet finish and is so fine, and the iconic secret camouflage concealer! It would be hard to be disappointed with any of these products!

Eyeliners have been huge for me this year, along with false eyelashes, I've found I can create so many looks and change and enhance the eye! Top of the list this year will be clinique gel liner closely followed my Avon supershock eyeliner which is the blackest, smoothest pencil I've ever tried! A new addition is the elf dual ended mascara, waterproof and everyday in one handy wand!

For the lips, favourite lip pencil of the year Laura mercier in babylips, and favourite lipstick Estee Lauder Crystal baby.. both just lovely! 

My babies! Well, not my actual ones but these are my very favourite two products! Beelicious garden girl palette purchased from the wonderful website cocobeau
and my MAC pro neautrals palette!

Hair care..Schwarzkopf silver shampoo, great for cool blonde's AND cool brunettes! Keeps my lovely goldwell smoky brown and minky colours looking fab! Also Goldwell sun reflects treatment conditioner. I use this every second wash and it keeps my hair healthy and shiny!

 oh how i love this makeup bag! I have two favourite makeup bags,  one which is by benefit which i think is called the 'betty' bag but strangely I call this one my Betty bag as it reminds me of the makeup artist Lisa Eldridge's gorgeous cat called .....Betty!
and as I have two British short haired cats, this is just the best!

 BarryM cream foundation in white is my go to product which lightens any of my favourite foundation shades if I find they're a little too dark or warm in tone! It may not be brilliant on it's own but the white one has served me very well this year!
 MAC studio fix fluid..I know it's not every one's cup of...well foundation but on the worst blemish ridden days, or if oil is taking over..this one does the job! Spritz with a little MAC fix + first and you're away! Covers blemishes, keeps oil at bay, photographs very well, (possibly looks better with a glowy blush on the cheek such as benefit coralista or a Bobbi Brown Shimmer brick) but it is for me, a bit of a life saver at times!

Okay, this must be the updated version of my hair tongs found on but these have been amazing and I love the way they make my hair look every time I use them!
Thanks for reading and I hope everyone has a fabulous new year! 2011 will be my year for youtube and blogging so keep a look out!

See you soon!

Jo xoxo

Glamour doll eyes...

I'm back on it..and have soo many things to show you!

Unfortunately my 3 boys (well 2 little ones and my other half) have had flu in the past few weeks so although I've been very inspired to blog..this is my first chance so.. here goes!

I ordered these a few weeks before Christmas and was very excited when they arrived!

Their website is a dream for makeup lovers and has so many beautiful shades of loose eye shadows in the most beautiful colours!

It took me quite some time to choose which ones I would start with but these were my choices, hope you like :)

This is what came, these are only sample pots and cost around $1.99 each! they also kindly sent me some extras x Check it out!!

The colours from top left-
the perfect cure, mood swing, strawberry cupcake
middle left-
he loves me not, boyfriend sweater, sterling glitz
bottom left-
ladies night, my belle and mind reader

my extras!! x

Mind reader

Sterling glitz!

Sterling glitz is very similar to MAC pro pigment in reflects pearl and is a great inner corner highlight colour!

I can't wait to try all of these out and will post some pics as soon as I've tried them out! xx

xoxo Jo x

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Merry Christmas Everyone! I have absolutely loads of products to blog about and will start as soon as I possibly can! For now I have lots of pressies to wrap so here's just a few snaps of our Christmassy house and my would not be without product for december! BLISTEZE relief cream!!

Waiting to see father christmas bless them!! xx

Have a wonderful Christmas all and I'll be back very soon with some fab reviews of some fab products xx

Monday, 15 November 2010

Make-up look of the month..Oct 2010

Hi there!!

I need to apologise again for my lack of's not that I've not been thinking about what I want to post's just been getting the time. In between looking after mash and bogo's (my little boys), bridal trials, writing lessons to teach, teaching, website updating.. could go on but I'm pretty sure I would bore you, I've been sporting this look!

Kind of inspired by all this seasons colour palette of camel, taupe, chocolate browns etc I've been using a warm shadow such as wedge (MAC) all over the lid, building in either twinks (MAC) or mystery to wing the shape out and create definition. The reasons I've enjoyed wearing this look is it's fit in really well with pretty much everything I've worn and also it makes blue/green eyes REALLY stand out!! I teamed the look with some very warm coral cheeks and lips with NARS cream blush in cactus flower and Laura Mercier lipstick in Tangerine!

Apologies for the naff pics, they're from my blackberry and it's really not all that good at night-time!

Hope you like it.....

Jo xoxo
 Hi lovely followers!!

Here's just a quick post showing some Halloween and hen party makeup in the last few weeks! They were actually done with a very similar technique making the eyes look wider, creating a more cat-like sultry eye! My lovely friend Claire was a fab model and really looked amazing in this orange and black eye makeup..not something everyone could carry off well but I guess she was wearing black and orange stripey tights and a witch costume for the occasion, so it was fine!

Here's Laura for her 'dirty dancing hen night' !! may be my age, but after being a huge fan of the film... sounds like a lot of fun to me!!

Did you try out anything more daring fro Halloween this year? I have to say it's a makeup artists dream!

 Jo xoxo

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

A little halloween fun...

I am sooo sorry this post is a little late...I seem so have been really busy working and taking the boys to all their Halloween parties (it's been our Oct half term holidays)I've not had chance to update my blog..didn't want to neglect it either so am very happy I'm back on it again this evening!

So here's just a little post which is kind of Halloween related and kind of makeup related!
 Here's the vampire/gothic look I did for Halloween as a tutorial on YouTube..  

 and here's my other slightly less scary little ones..all dressed up for their first Halloween party of the week!
 Logan obviously thinks Ashton looks hilarious..not at all scary!

Just a short update post..will be back on board as soon as with my products of the month and a few other rambles xxxox