Monday, 15 November 2010

Make-up look of the month..Oct 2010

Hi there!!

I need to apologise again for my lack of's not that I've not been thinking about what I want to post's just been getting the time. In between looking after mash and bogo's (my little boys), bridal trials, writing lessons to teach, teaching, website updating.. could go on but I'm pretty sure I would bore you, I've been sporting this look!

Kind of inspired by all this seasons colour palette of camel, taupe, chocolate browns etc I've been using a warm shadow such as wedge (MAC) all over the lid, building in either twinks (MAC) or mystery to wing the shape out and create definition. The reasons I've enjoyed wearing this look is it's fit in really well with pretty much everything I've worn and also it makes blue/green eyes REALLY stand out!! I teamed the look with some very warm coral cheeks and lips with NARS cream blush in cactus flower and Laura Mercier lipstick in Tangerine!

Apologies for the naff pics, they're from my blackberry and it's really not all that good at night-time!

Hope you like it.....

Jo xoxo
 Hi lovely followers!!

Here's just a quick post showing some Halloween and hen party makeup in the last few weeks! They were actually done with a very similar technique making the eyes look wider, creating a more cat-like sultry eye! My lovely friend Claire was a fab model and really looked amazing in this orange and black eye makeup..not something everyone could carry off well but I guess she was wearing black and orange stripey tights and a witch costume for the occasion, so it was fine!

Here's Laura for her 'dirty dancing hen night' !! may be my age, but after being a huge fan of the film... sounds like a lot of fun to me!!

Did you try out anything more daring fro Halloween this year? I have to say it's a makeup artists dream!

 Jo xoxo

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

A little halloween fun...

I am sooo sorry this post is a little late...I seem so have been really busy working and taking the boys to all their Halloween parties (it's been our Oct half term holidays)I've not had chance to update my blog..didn't want to neglect it either so am very happy I'm back on it again this evening!

So here's just a little post which is kind of Halloween related and kind of makeup related!
 Here's the vampire/gothic look I did for Halloween as a tutorial on YouTube..  

 and here's my other slightly less scary little ones..all dressed up for their first Halloween party of the week!
 Logan obviously thinks Ashton looks hilarious..not at all scary!

Just a short update post..will be back on board as soon as with my products of the month and a few other rambles xxxox

A few official pics from the corn exchange party in the dark for Prodiga Fashion.

 I've blogged about this previously but was sooo impressed with the pics that came back from the amazing photographer Adam Baroukh photographer from the first shoot) ..I kinda wanted to share them with you!
The whole event for Prodiga Fashion  was a real joy to be party of, Jenny Levenstone (pictured here third from the left) the designer is so lovely and all her models were great and put up with rather a lot of 'slap and lash'!! :)

 Olly Murrs! Oooh, I was a little too excited about this bit... :)

and finally one of me, hard at work...enjoying every minute! xxxox