Tuesday, 28 September 2010

photoshoots! I LOVE U!

 I just love it when I get the opportunity to be creative! As much as I really do enjoy doing bridal work, It's nice to get the chance to be artistic and work with fab photographers! These shots were with Annia Harrup photography.
 featuring the beautiful Nikkie x

 A few more shots from the PRODIGA FASHION shoot, Jenny's line is for S/S 2011 so look out for it, beautiful x


New hair....AGAIN!

old hair ....felt it was neither blond..or brown

new hair...2 weeks on, with extensions in (just clip ins but i'm in LOVE!) don't always stand in my kitchen by the way! hehe x

New hair on first day of colouring and styled with the amazing cloud nine 'O' rollers! (on my xmas list!) LOVE the colours, they're only semi permanent goldwell colours to see if I would like them but..I DO I DO!! I have no idea  about colours but i had a 5 underneath (apparently my natural colour) then a deeper toned with some red in on top and a minky colour through the top too! so.will be going back as soon as poss! x

fun with makeup!

 Hey All!!

It's been far too long since I was last on here.. I do try to keep almost like a phone diary of all the work and hauls etc I do but I seem so have either been really busy or...blogger has been down! But hey...back up now! So thought I'd just scare you with a few new pics of my work!

Halloween/fun makeup

Scaaaary!! x

a little bit of drama with a pretty finish x

scaring my other half at the door!! lol x

Hope you like them x0x0x

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

MOTD...hope I got it right and didn't offend anyone ;)

MUOTD...MOTD..ummm confused but anyway, this is a makeup look I did with the Urban Decay 'Naked' Palette! The shape also inspired by Kim Kardashians makeup as I've been in 'makeup' and 'hair' envy mode for a few weeks! Obviously I look nothing like her, (sigh) but this look shows how you can emphasise your own eyes and create that lovely almond shape!

MAC prep and prime skin
Chanel pro Lumiere in 20/Clair
Benefit Hoola under the cheekbones to define
Illamasqua Hussy powder blush from the fullest past of the cheek up onto the cheek bone


from the naked palette

UD eyeshadow primer potion

virgin in the inner corner and slightly underneath

sin all over the lid

buck lightly in the crease

using the black kohl, lined the waterline, top and bottom then started to dot outside into the lashes and smudges all the way around the eye with a MAC 266 brush.

On top of the kohl applied hustle and creep to add definition and the gorgeous almond shape Kim goes for! Blend away with a MAC 217

Lashes by Revlon (oops, sorry have thrown away the no number) x


filled in with MAC omega e/s and wedge e/s


YSL rouge volupte in no 8 lightly dabbed onto lips

Hope you like it xx0x

Monday, 13 September 2010

So i did what most of the make-up loving population did...and got NAKED!

Can't say it wasn't inevitable! (hang my head in shame...;) )

In my hours of pain (long story..will try to get as much out of it as I can as it was really, truly, painful..)

I desperately hoped for some sort of when on facebook, debenhams and HOF (pet name from working at house of fraser) were saying the Urban Decay Naked palette was available online..I HAD to have a look. Bearing in mind my family thought I was about to run off to A & E and admit myself (seriously worse than childbirth pain ;)) I had to sneakily try and see if I could save myself from the torment and cheer myself up with this beautiful item..

Sorry to say, they had all sold out, however, once the antibiotics started to work, my lovely husband took me out for our 3 year anniversary meal (although I still couldn't eat or drink for that matter....and was on a curfew for when I required more pain relief) ..yet, we sat across the table from each other, john ordered his and my meal (mostly so he could eat mine if I couldn't manage).
It was actually, well, lovely! Not much different from our first dates where I refused to eat in his presence just in case I looked silly/got food stuck in between my teeth/other vain reasons!! Not a bad diet..oh dear...I digress..

While trying to decide which film to watch and needing a 'pain killer taking break' we headed over to boots, for a non essential purchase of tweezers..??! and although I was pacing up and down the isles in total agony from said pain killers ( i know, weird) I saw it...well, three of them, sat on a lonely shelf!

Okay, embarrassingly, I could hardly speak but when I saw a lady in front of me picking one up, I casually (ahem) grabbed the other two...muttering something under my breath about how she'd regret it if she didn't buy it NOW!

So, to cut a verrrrry long story short, I have it! and LOVE it..! Of course!

Will soon upload some pics of Friday's look I did, Kim Kardashian inspired! x0x0x

On the MAC face and body old bandwagon!

I always enjoy trying out new foundations, although on my quest last year to find my ultimate favourite, after trying nearly everything Estee Lauder, Lancome, Benefit, MAC, YSL, Clinique had to offer I found my foundation true love! Me and Chanel pro lumiere have been in love ever since! (see previous post) (not sure sure Chanel feels the love so much but i don't care if it isn't mutual ;) )

Anyhow..I've read such a lot about MAC face and body and as a make-up artist, should really have some in my kit.

So, from yet another review and recommendation from glitterdollz7 I order some!

N2 and C6 respectively

Okay, only been trying these out for a few weeks and have found they are brilliant if you have clear, good toned skin, not many blemishes and want a natural finish. On some of my brides it is just amazing, offering just the right amount of coverage. Plus points being it is at the very least smudge proof and sweat (ick) proof! In my humble opinion, It is a little gel like in formula for me, and a little too transparent, but then I have been a dedicated pro Lumiere addict for just over a year so this may take some getting used to..(and perhaps a better skin care regime ;) ) xx Will do a comparison shot soon so you can see for yourself..

I also ordered my MAC pro 15 x eyeshadow palette..cannot believe it has taken us so long to meet!

Friday, 10 September 2010

illamasqua love!

Hey there!!
During my summer hols, only a few weeks ago, which now seems soo long ago, I ran along rather excitedly to Selfridges to pick up some rather uninspiring concealers for my kit. I use quite a few different ones but had decided to stock up on MACs studio finish concealer.

As it happens, and generally does with me when I go to visit MAC, it's usually fairly busy and lucky at the trafford centre there is a gorgeous Illamasqua counter just opposite and everyone is so lovely and helpful.

I kind of had in mind a few things I wanted but certainly didn't mind having a few things showcased to me. I find it hard to choose things online so it is really nice to see them in the flesh!

So here's a few of the things I picked up..starting with the concealers I actually meant to get!!

I'm still weighing these up.. Have been using them for just over a month now and find they are strongly pigmented, providing good coverage (assistant said would even cover a tattoo!) although do find them a little drying under the eyes. Having said that, can also find MAC studio finish concealer does the same all in all, fab for covering blemishes and even pigmentation but perhaps not for under the eyes! (good for oily eyes though!)

Now I know, white powder may look a little scary, but in my quest to find a good translucent powder, I LOVE this one! I've used this on several different skin tones and haven't found it looking ashy at all..buffs in beautifully with the highlighter brush I also bought! Lena at Illamasqua told me Alex Box even uses this brush for everything, even to sweep eyeshadow on!! Leaves the skin looking fresh, not cakey!

So here are a few little partners! I've been a fan of MAC's strobe cream for awhile now, especially in the winter when my skin starts to feel a little dull from central heating, cold winds..snow..eekk..(not looking forward to that at all!!) but gleam cream is quite a bit different. More creamy in consistency and more pink, works amazingly for a primer under foundation to give a gorgeous glow, can be mixed with foundation for an even more fresh appearance and can also be used as a highlighter! LOVE...

Hussy..funny name, quite liked it! Very bright, coral/pink toned matt blush. Even though highly pigmented and a tad scary looking, still looks fab on my rather pale skin of the moment! (no time to tan, teeth too sore...ouch)

Next new favourite! I've seen this reviewed, used and loved by quite a few, but tanya of pixi2woo and belledujourNYC clinched it for me..Lies is the most beautiful cream blush/highlight! Very light in consistency, don't need much at all. Can be used as a very subtle 'sheen cheek' as I can it, or as a fab highlighter for cheekbones, brow bones, cupids bow, bridge of nose! mmmm..Love!

Here's the lot! Oops..for my other's purely business (for my kit) for everyone else..It's Love!

Will do another post with a few pics of when I've used the products! See what you think?? x0x0x

New kardashian addiction and sore teeth OUCH!!


I really wanted to try and do a few makeup of the day looks but there's been a little something getting in my way this week.....

It seems to have been going on faar too long but unfortunately I've been having some problems with my poor teeth!

Kind of odd really as I don't smoke, don't get time to drink much and quite often just want a good cup of Yorkshire tea after a long day, I look after myself, however, since having the boys, things seem to be going a little wrong..

This year so far I've had to have a root filling (ouch) which now the tooth has cracked, another filling replaced, 2 extractions (double ouch) and this week started with THE most painful ear/sinusitis and I mean painful! Let's put it this way, I've had two little boys and that was no walk in the park but this had me crying out like a child! Been to the dentists again today and guess what? another abscessed root filling! Good job I have an wonderful husband to look after me and a very good dentist!

Left me with lots of time to try and distract myself from the pain (and also something to do at 3am while the pain killers worked!) so..keeping up with the kardashians it was!

OHHH I LOVE it already! May not be every one's thing but I really like the sisterly/family dynamic and obviously looking at their gorgeous hair and makeup, picking up some tips!

Perhaps this is the main reason I've been thinking, what the heck??! I may as well go dark!

I'm seriously longing lovely shiny rich chocolate coloured hair! dare i?? what do you think?? !x