Friday, 4 March 2011

Just darling cakes...

I love probably doesn't love me.....
and when it comes as beautifully presented as this and tastes even better, who could resist?

The weekend before Valentine's I did the makeup for my friend Claire of

for a promotional photo shoot she had that morning and as I mentioned in a previous post, Claire had made me some gorgeous valentines gifts for my family.

Here are some pics below of her amazing work...I chose lemon and a decadent chocolate flavour of cupcakes which were iced with beautiful baroque patterns in fuchsia and baby pink!

 Here are the Lollipop biscuits for my little boys, pre- eating, may i add!
 and one's for nanny and grandad!

they were so excited about them....
 apparently they didn't last long at all...from the picture sent by nanny I'd say they were very much enjoyed!

If you have a special occasion coming up, or just like yummy cakes like me..

why not go and have a look at Claire's other amazing work! These are just the start of it..:)

Jo xx

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